Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

So, Thanksgiving is in less than a week. I repeat - THANKSGIVING IS IN LESS THAN A WEEK. AGHHHH I love holidays. But, I think we can all agree that hosting Thanksgiving can be stressful to say the least. If you’re a guest this year, one of the most important things to remember is to bring a hostess gift (the hostess deserves it big time). Today I’m sharing a few of my hostess gift ideas with you guys!

  • A Plate - My first idea isn’t even a gift but it’s always important to ask the hostess what you can bring to Thanksgiving. Even if they say you don’t need to bring anything, a nice bottle of wine, a salad, or a dessert is the perfect idea. They’re putting a ton of effort into making a huge meal - the least you can do is bring one plate.
  • A Breakfast - If you’re staying the night (or even if you’re not) a thoughtful breakfast is a great idea. Croissants or cinnamon rolls that can be easily popped in the oven the next morning are perfect for the hostess who has literally been planning Thanksgiving for months and may or may not have forgotten about the next day.
  • An Actual Plate - A large serving platter or decorative plate is always a pretty and useful gift to give a hostess.
  • A Cheese Board - Ok this is basically a plate, but it’s special and cool so I thought it deserved to be its own category. A nice cheese board and knife is another great gift - it’s not necessarily something you would buy for yourself but, especially if the hostess entertains a lot, it can be super useful and decorative.
  • A Fancy Coffee Set - For some reason, I love this idea for a hostess gift. I usually end up making my own gift basket with two kinds of dark roast coffee beans, fancy rock sugar, and a package of biscuits.
  • A Candle - A festive candle in a decorative candle holder is a great gift. I love giving warm fall scents in rustic looking holders.
  • Flowers - If all else fails, a bouquet of flowers is the way to go. They’re a super pretty and simple gift.

So, these are my ideas for gifts for the hostess. Obviously, make sure you show your hostess your appreciation and make sure to come in good spirits. They worked hard to make an amazing Thanksgiving, so make sure you do your part to contribute. If you have any other ideas for hostess gifts share them down below - I’d love to hear them.



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