Holiday Workout

Basically from Halloween until New Years, all I do is eat. Eat, bake, and then eat some more. Today I have a quick 15 minute workout for you guys - all put to holiday music to get us in the spirit! So now, we can eat whatever we want (kind of) without feeling guilty (kind of). Or we can just eat whatever we want, do this workout once, and then reward ourselves by getting back to eating again. Whatever floats your boat - the workouts fun, eatings fun, it’s all good.

  • All I Want For Christmas is You (3:55) - Start with some quick cardio. Do sets of jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kickers to fire up your muscles.
  • Have A Holly Jolly Christmas (2:15) - Now for some planks! Get into a plank position and hold until the first chorus. During the chorus flip to a side plank on the right side. For the net verse go back to a regular plank. Finally for the final chorus, flip to the other side for a side plank.
  • Santa Baby (3:26) - Now we’re going to jump back up for some lunges! Start with your right leg in front and do 15 big lunges. Then repeat with your left leg in front. Now, do a lunge with your left leg in front and jump to switch your right leg in front. Repeat 10 times. Do the whole set until the song is over.
  • Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (2:06) - Now it’s time for arms! Get into a crab walk position to do a set of 30 tricep dips. Then flip over and do 10 pushups. Repeat from the beginning until the song ig over.
  • Jingle Bell Rock (2:10) - Cardio time again! For the last 2 minutes of your workout, go all out. Jumping jack, running, and dancing like a crazy person are all acceptable - just keep moving!   

Remember - no shame if the first time you do this workout you need to take a break. You’re working out and that’s all that matters. This is a quick workout but with a ton of repetition so you’ll definitely be feeling it. Let me know what you think of this workout down below - I’d love to hear from you guys!



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