6 Times to Sneak A 2 Minute Workout Into Your Day

Ya, I get it. You’re busy, you have too much to do, you’re too tired. For some reason working out always ends up getting pushed to the side. But today I want to change that. So today I have 6 times to sneak a 2 minute workout into your day - without even realizing it!

  • Instead of Hitting Snooze - I know we all love to lie in bed and hit snooze for 10 minute straight. It’s hard but try getting out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off and doing some jumping jacks or a downward dog.
  • Brushing Your Teeth - You’re supposed to brushed your teeth for at least a minute at least twice a day aka you have at least 2 minutes in your day to sneak in a workout. I love to do a wall sit or a squat when I brush my teeth. It’s simple but it’s something!
  • While Your Coffee’s Brewing - If you make some coffee at home, try doing some squats or tricep dips (I mean you could attempt to try at Starbucks but you’ll probably get a few strange looks)!
  • While Watching TV - If you have the time to watch TV, you have the time to workout. You can bring your show to the treadmill (if you don’t need any pump up music) or you can try doing some sit ups and push ups while catching up on Grey’s - it’s a win win!
  • Right Before You Shower - I always like to try to throw in a minute plank and 100 jumping jacks right before I take a shower.
  • Right Before Bed - Before I go to bed I like to spend a couple of minutes doing a light workout. I usually just do a c-curl or a plank and then a little bit of stretching.

So these are 6 times to sneak an easy 2 minute workout into your schedule. While I definitely think spending some actual time working out is important, when life gets super hectic these are great ways to at least do something! Share any other ideas of how to sneak in a quick workout down below, I’d love to hear them!



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