6 Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid

A better title for this post might be “Oh Good Lord Gloss, You Are Sometimes An Idiot in the Kitchen”. We all make mistakes - I’ll be the first to admit that. Today I thought I would share some mistakes I’ve made in the kitchen so hopefully you’ll be able to avoid them.

  • Wax paper is NOT the same as parchment paper - Trust me, I learned this the hard way - melted wax on chocolate chip cookies. Yuck.
  • Making s’mores in the toaster will sometimes result in fire - Not always and not a huge fire - but this has happened way too many times to be a coincidence. Be really careful when you make them, or just try making a s’mores dip!
  • Making quesadillas in a waffle maker will always make a huge mess - It seems really cool on pinterest, but every single time I’ve tried this it’s made a huge mess. If you’re intent on making them, try to go easy on the cheese - it’s impossible to scrape off.
  • Don’t cook pasta with the lid on - I don’t know why this took me so long to figure out, but once the water is boiling and you pour the pasta in, leave the lid off. This will keep you from mopping up lots of boiled over water.
  • Clean out pots asap - Who wants to clean pots right away instead of eating delicious food? I know it’s not fun, but cleaning your pots (or at least soaking them in warm water) will help stop gross sticky stuff from sticking to the bottom and ruining your pots.
  • If it looks/smells/tastes weird, it probably is - We all know this, but sometimes we try to ignore it. If something is off about whatever you’re eating, just stop eating it.  

Ok, maybe these are idiotic mistakes - but hey, now we know! Let me know any of your other kitchen mistakes to avoid in the comments - I’d love to hear them!



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