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I decide that I’m going to clean out my closet about every 3 months. I usually end up with ½ a bag of things to donate and a very messy closet because I get bored and leave. This past week, I made it my goal to actually purge my closet and get rid of everything I don’t wear, that doesn’t fit, and that I don’t like. This was way harder and took way longer than I thought it would. So today, I thought I would share a few tips I learned throughout this process that will hopefully make it a little easier for you guys!

  • Before you start, think about your style. Are you edgy? Very feminine? Preppy? A combination? By knowing your style before you start you’ll be able to make better decisions about what to keep and what you’ll actually wear.
  • Take everything, and I mean every single item of clothing in your whole closet/bureau/dresser, out of your closet and make a large pile on the floor.
  • Start by taking everything that is considered an absolute keep out. You’re favorite clothes and anything you’re required to wear for work/school. I always used to take out the things that I definitely didn’t want to keep. But by taking out the things I couldn’t live without, I realized what I actually loved and this made determining what else to keep much easier.
  • Then, I recommend pulling all the absolute no’s out of the pile. But, don’t try them on. If you immediately think the item is a no, there is no reason to put it on and then convince yourself that you actually kind of like it.
  • Now with the maybe’s. I know that this isn’t exactly Marie Kondo approved but look at the maybe’s and if you haven’t worn it in the last year - it’s a no.
  • If you have duplicate items or anything that looks very similar, get rid of 1. Or better yet, get rid of both if you don’t absolutely love them.
  • Still can’t make up your mind about an item? Ask yourself if you think you will ever wear this again and ask yourself if you were shopping would you buy this?
  • And the kicker. The most important question to ask yourself if you still can’t decide. Does it make you feel confident? If it doesn’t it’s got to go.

There you have it, some of my tips for purging your closet. I know it can be really hard. We always feel guilty about getting rid of clothes. But trust me, you’ll feel so much happier and your life will be so much easier when you only have clothes you love in your closet. Let me know if you have any other tips in the comments - I’d love to hear them!



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