Last Minute Halloween Guide

No, I did not forget the word costume or party in the title. If you’re anything like me, Halloween really snuck up on you this year. As in, it’s in a week. Eeeek. And I have literally done nothing to get ready. No costume, no candy, no pumpkin. It’s bad this year guys. So today I thought I would post a guide for everything you need to do to cram Halloween into 1 week.

  • Buy A Costume - I never liked dressing up but come on guys, it’s Halloween. At this point, I recommend going simple or punny rather than trying to go all out. If you’re still stumped for ideas, check out this post on Last Minute Halloween Costumes.
  • Carve A Pumpkin - Or at the very least, draw on a pumpkin with black sharpie. Pumpkins are essential for Halloween and so much fun to make.
  • Pick Up Some Candy - For the trick-or-treaters, for you, same difference. Having candy just sitting in a bowl is so tempting, but it’s a must for Halloween.
  • Decorate - I love putting fake spider webs up and decorating with cute orange and black Halloween DIYS. Pinterest is the perfect place to go for inspiration.  
  • Watch Hocus Pocus - Or any other Halloween movie. Hocus Pocus is my go-to for cheesy Halloween movies, I watch it every year.
  • Make Plans - Costume parties are an essential part of Halloween. Try making some plans for Halloween and the weekend leading up to it. If all else fails, grab some friends and visit a haunted house or have a scary movie night.
  • Visit A Haunted House - With only 1 weekend left until Halloween, we are cutting it a little close. But, haunted houses are only open around Halloween and so much fun to go to.

So I think we did it. The ultimate last minute guide to Halloween. Not going to lie, I haven’t done anything on this list so I’m going to peace out rn and get started. As always, let me know any other Halloween essentials down below, I’d love to hear what you guys do to get ready!



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