JBL Reflect Mini BT Headphones Review

Hey guys!
As you probably know, I have been on a fitness kick, and I recently decided to invest in a good pair of headphones to work out in.

Starting out with the price... They run for about $100 on Best Buy. Although this is incredible steep for headphones, it is one of the less expensive pairs created especially for working out.

Working out headphones typically are wireless. This is extremely helpful when lifting weights because you don't have to worry about having your phone right next to your side.

On the box, JBL mentions that these headphones...
-have up to 8 hour audio playback
-are a lightweight design
-have a built in microphone
-are sweat proof
-have ergonomic ear tips
-and have reflective cables

The biggest thing I was worried about was that these wouldn't stay in my ears. I hate it when headphones fall out when your running or lifting because i typically have to stop my workout to fix my headphones. I have never had an issue with these ear buds falling out. When I put them in, I feel like they are secured and won't move at all. The product also comes with different ear pieces that are interchangeable. This is so you can customize the ear buds to fit your liking.

The sound quality on these is really good. I also have never had an issue with the bluetooth connection, but i also haven't had my phone that far away (maybe a few feet max).

Another thing I enjoy about this product, is that it speaks to you when you turn it on and off. This is a small feature that, in my opinion, makes all the difference. I think this is super important because if now, one would have no way of knowing wether the headphones were on or off. This feature helps preserve and extend battery life.

Overall, I think these are really good headphones. The quality is there, and the design is unique and functional.

If you have tried these, or any other wireless headphones let me know which ones and what your thoughts on them were!

Thank you so much for reading.


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