Early morning gym routine

Hey guys!

I have been obsessed with going to the gym, and recently I have been going at 5:30 in the morning. Yes, its extremely early, but I go before class and I find it is an awesome way to start my day.
Sometimes I will go to one of the 5:45 classes my gym has, but more often than not I will do my own thing.
I always start by running 1 mile on the treadmill. I do this because its so early and its important to warm your up your muscles and wake up your body in the morning.
After running, I will either continue running and run about 4-5 miles. If I do this, I won't lift any weights, and I will make it strictly a cardio day.
If I want to lift weights, I always do a bunch of arm machines, then some squats. TBH i hate anything that deals with leg strengthening so I rarely do that. If you want to know what my arm workout is, please let me know and I'd be more than happy to write that for you guys!
I will do various weight machines and work different muscle groups for 30 minutes.

I find that if I go early in the morning, this is what works best because the running wakes your body up, and the weights burn more calories!

I hope you found this post somewhat helpful, even though I realize it is incredibly rambley and all over the place.

Thank you so much for reading


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