6 Simple Hair Care Tips

Hair is one of those things that I actually usually forget about. Not that I forget that I have hair, but I always forget to be sure I’m taking good care of my hair. I know, it’s terrible. So today I have some super simple tips for keeping your hair healthy. These are all easy things that don’t take a lot work so you won’t forget about them, but they’re all insanely effective!

  • Avoid Using Heat - I’m sure you’ve heard this before but using heat on your hair is terrible for your hair. Your hair can burn or become super damaged, leaving your strands limp and flat.
  • Break Up With Bad Habits - Smoking and bad eating habits can really mess with your hair. A few other bad habits to avoid? Twirling your hair, pulling at it, and playing with split ends.
  • Trim Frequently - While this may seem counter-intuitive, when growing your hair out make sure to trim it every 5-7 weeks. This will help your hair look fuller and thicker, and will help keep your split ends intact.
  • Natural Brushes - Using natural bristle hair brushes is much better for your hair than using a plastic brush. Natural bristle brushes will help smooth and shine your hair without causing breakage.
  • Let It Down - Wearing your hair in tight up-dos will put strain on your strands and can cause them to break. I’m not saying ditch your sleek high pony tail forever, but definitely be sure to let your hair down every so often.
  • Don’t Wash It Everyday - Washing your hair everyday can actually build up grease in your roots. It’s recommended to shampoo your hair at most every other day (but still shower every day!) or if you had a dripping sweat workout.  

So these are my top simple tips for keeping your hair looking amazing and healthy. Share any others down below, I’d love to hear them!



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