3 DIY Halloween Costumes Using Stuff You Already Own

Want to hear a Halloween joke? Of course you do. Ok…

Why was the chicken happy when it got hit by a truck? Keep reading to find out.

Ok so that’s that. I was going to try to write a Halloween post but come on guys, it’s tomorrow - if you don’t have anything planned, you’re kind of screwed. JUST KIDDING! I love every single holiday, so obviously I’m going to post something in honor of tomorrow! So on the blog today, 3 Halloween costumes you can make using stuff you already own.

  • Eleven - If you haven’t heard of/watched Stranger Things by now, I suggest you just skip Halloween all together and spend the night binge watching. But if you have watched Stranger Things, you obviously know Eleven and her signature pink dress and Eggos. This costume is super simple, just wear a light pink dress, blue jacket, converse, and of course have a handy box of Eggos.
  • Pajama Girl - I know this seems super basic and boring, but it’s actually a really cute costume. Just pair your favorite pajamas with a cozy pair of slippers and you’re all set. Cute and comfy! If you want to go all out, thrown some curlers in your hair for some extra pajama fun.
  • Doll - One of my friends did this one year and I loved the idea! Wear any cute dress and flats. Then braid your hair around two pipe cleaners so that it sticks out and looks like doll’s hair. If you’re really feeling ambitious, use face paint or makeup to make some rosy cheeks and red lips!

So here you go! 3 super last minute Halloween costumes using items you already have in your closet! Share pics of you rocking these ideas for a chance to be featured on social media. Also comment any other ideas down below - I’d love to hear them (it’s not like I’m still looking for a costume. merp.)



p.s. Answer: Because he still got to the other side (cue scary music)

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