The Ultimate Guide to Washing Your Face

I know. I know. Washing your face, it’s simple. Who needs a guide to do it? Well, you do! Obviously you know that washing your face is super important but here’s a quick recap. It will help stop breakouts, make your skin look much brighter/younger and keep you looking fresh faced.

In the Morning: 

  • Wash Your Hands - From your phone to doorknobs, your hands touch a million different disgusting things every day. Even though it’s the morning, I still recommend washing your hands before you touch your face. 
  • Cleanse - Your morning routine will depend a lot on the type of skin you have. I recommend using a cleanser to start the day off on the right foot. Massage a coin sized amount onto your face, making sure to get as close to your hairline and ears as possible. 
  • Rinse - When washing your face, I recommend using lukewarm water. Using water that’s too hot will strip your skin of it’s natural oils. 
  • Tone - Toner is essential for helping your skin maintain a normal oil balance and preventing it from becoming wayyyy too oily. Avoid using a toner with alcohol so your skin won’t dry out. Apply a little bit of toner to a cotton round and gently brush over your face.
  • Personalize it - Make sure that when you’re washing your face you’re paying attention to your individual skincare needs. Cleansers that work for some people’s skin won’t work for everybody.

During the Day: 

  • Wipes - If you hit the gym during the day, make sure to have some cleansing wipes handy to help remove any sweat and grossness.

At Night: 

  • Wash Your Hands - See above, because it still applies here. 
  • Remove Your Makeup - Sleeping with makeup on is terrible for your skin. While some cleansers claim to cleanse and remove makeup, I never trust it and recommend going the extra step to remove your makeup. 
  • Cleanse - This is exactly the same as in the morning. Massage a coin sized amount of cleanser into your face, making sure to get as close to your hairline and ears as possible. 
  • Rinse - Again, just like in the morning use lukewarm water to rinse off the cleanser. 
  • Tone - I like to use toner again at night, because my face tends to become super oily during the day. 
  • Moisturize - Using a moisturizer will help clear up any dry skin. 
  • Spot Clean - If you have any breakout, use a spot cleanser on them. To be honest, I still haven’t found one that I absolutely love, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

So, here you go. The ultimate guide to washing your face and making your skin look as fresh as possible. Let me know if you have any other tips down below, I’d love to hear them.



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