The Beginning of September….

The beginning of September is always bittersweet. Warm weather, candy colored sunsets, and ice cream sundaes are over. But instead of dwelling on the endings, let’s talk about the beginnings. Sweater weather, hot chocolate, and crisp fall days are just around the corner.

This September….

I’ll be watching Blindspot (season 2 airing September 14).
I’ll be baking apple pies with homemade whipped cream.
I’ll be wearing sweaters and talls boots.
I’ll be obsessing over New York Fashion Week.
I’ll be going apple picking.
I’ll be taking pictures of the changing leaves.
I’ll be turning off my air conditioning.
I’ll be celebrating elephant appreciation day (Sept. 22).
I’ll be rocking dark lips and nails.
I’ll be enjoying September. Even if it’s not the summer.

And so we begin. September. Let’s do this.



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