Summer to Fall Transitional Outfits

Changing seasons can be hard. One of my biggest issues is that the weather is never consistent and I never know what to wear. Today I have a few options to help you transition your spring outfits into perfect fall looks!

- Long jackets + short shorts - Wearing a long jacket over shorts will keep your warm but still let you show off those gorgeous summer legs. 

- Add a jacket + tights - Adding a jacket and a pair of tights to one of your favorite summer dresses instantly turns your summer style into something a little more appropriate for fall.

- Throw on a knit sweater - Throwing a knit sweater on top of a dress is the perfect way to transition one of your favorite dresses from summer to fall.

- Mix materials - Mixing leather and wool with lighter, gauzier fabrics will turn some of your perfect summer pieces into gorgeous outfits for fall. 

- Change up the crop top - If you’ve been rocking a crop top all summer, try pairing it with some high waisted pants instead of shorts for a look perfect for fall.

So these are some of my ideas! You'll definately see me rocking these throughout this awkward transitional weather time. Share any other ideas down below, I'd love to hear them. 



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