How to stay organized for school

Hey Guys!

I know most of you have been in school for a little while now. I love starting the year on track and organized, but I know that after about a month that typically starts to fizzle away. I usually get lazier and more tired.
One of the most important things about school is organization because I find that when I stay organized, I tend to do better grade wise! Today I am going to share my 3 tips that will help you stay organized for longer this year! Without further ado, let's get into it!
1. Keep a planner- I cannot emphasize how important this is. A planner will help you keep track of all your assignments and exams! Without one, you are way more likely to forget about assignments which will lead to doing poorly on exams. 
2. Organize your work into notebooks or binders- this is super important to keep all your papers in one place. Something that works well for me is having a separate notebook or binder for each subject. I find that I can organize my papers a lot better if I only have to focus on once class at a time. I find that if I keep all my work together, I get lazier quicker, and end up shoving papers into different sections of the Vinder without paying attention. 
3. Set aside a study space- having a designated study space will let you set your area up so you can get into a routine. I find that if I have to move my school stuff around I end up throwing papers everywhere, loosing things, and just not completing work. I like having a desk that I always do my work at, and I set it up with all my supplies! 

Those we're my top 3 tips for staying organized throughout the whole year. I promise that if you keep yourself on track, you will limit your stress! 

I hope this post helps you and if you have any tips please be sure to leave them below! 


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