Everpro greyaway spray review

Hey guys!
In today's post I will be sharing with you a new root concealer product that I have been testing out! Actually, since I do not have to worry about grey hair yet, I used this product on my mom and had her tell me her thoughts on it!

The basics:
The Everpro grey away spray costs around $9 for 1.5 oz, and is sold at almost all drugstores!

I really like the nozzle because it is more precise than many other root concealers on the market. My mom has used a few, and she commented on the handiness of the nozzle.

Another thing both she and I noticed was the incredible smell that lingers on the hair for a little. Instead of the chemically smells typical hair dyes have, this one smells more floral and fresh. Do not be alarmed because my mom is extremely sensitive to scents and this did not bother her at all.

Product itself:
The grey away temporary root concealer is perfect for use between dyes. The product stays in the hair all day, and if you want to get it completely out it might take two or even three shampoos depending on the shampoo you are using. There is transfer before the product sets completely, and even after it sets I would be extremely careful around while colored anything. The product wears beautifully thoroughout the day without any flaking (which my mom was super impressed by!). Since it took a while to wash out of the hair, my mom reported an extremely long wear time for this product.

Everpro also claims that this product has the technology to adapt to your hair color, which I was incredible intrigued about. I do find that after I spray it on my mom's hair the color does change and blend into her hair. I am not sure if this is due to oxidation of the product or if the color adapting technology is real.

I would recommend using this product on dry hair because if used on wet hair, it will slip and slide all over the place! Also be sure to spray from at least 4 inches away and continuously move the nozzle to prevent product buildup. If you linger on a spot for too long, the product will settle into the scalp and be harder to remove at the end of the night.

Overall, I was very happy with the product and I know that my mom will definitely continue to use this product and repurchase once she finishes!

Thank you guys for reading and have a great day/night!


disclaimer: this product was sent to my by ever pro! i am not getting any money to produce this post!



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