Jean Shopping Guide

Shopping for jeans can be long, hard, and annoying process. Trust me, I’ve been there - standing in front of the changing room mirror with 10 different pairs of jeans to try on. It’s rough. Today I have a few tips to keep in mind when you go shopping for jeans.

  • Go With a Plan - When you go to try on jeans, know what you want. Skinny? Flare? This will help narrow down the pairs you’re looking at.

  • Try Them Out - When trying on jeans, make sure to really try them on. Make sure you walk, sit, and maybe even squat in them just to make sure that they’re still comfortable.

  • Try on Different Sizes - Make sure to try on a few different sizes because each store will have slightly different sizes and lengths.

  • Rise - Jeans usually come in low, mid, and high rise. Knowing what you want before you start shopping will help narrow down your options. Also remember that going up a size in low rise jeans will not make them go any higher, the fit will end up being off.

  • Pockets - The back pockets of jeans should give your booty an extra pop. They should not make your butt look saggy. If they fall too low, I recommend trying out another style.

  • Don’t Go Up - Jeans will stretch as you wear them. If you’re between sizes, go with the smaller size. This will let them stretch a little but still fit.

  • No Seam Strain - If you pull on a pair of jeans and the seams are being pulled apart, they are too tight.

  • Alterations - Always remember that the hardest part of jeans to alter is the waistband. Make sure that they fit well in the waist and if they have to be altered for length it will be much easier.

These are some of my tips for shopping for jeans. Hopefully they can help make the process a little more enjoyable. Share any other tips you have down below!



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