How to Treat Hangnails

I really fucking hate hangnails. Everybody does. And what’s worse is that I have the temptation to rip off every single one I get. But ripping them off is actually not good for your nail or finger at all. It can lead to an infection and can leave a scar.

You’ll want to start by softening your nail and hang nail. Soaking you finger in warm water for about 5 minutes should do the trick. Then cut the hangnail off at the base with a pair of cuticle cutters.

If you don’t have cuticle cutters with you, trying putting some vaseline on it. If you have a band aid, also cover it with a bandaid so it won’t catch on anything. This won’t take it off but it will cause it to stop being really annoying.

To help prevent future hangnails, make sure your nail beds and cuticles are moisturized. Any moisturizer will work for this. You can also try using an oil such as Vitamin E oil which will help protect and repair damaged skin.

Hopefully you guys never have hangnails. But if you do, hopefully this post will help you deal with them. Comment any other tips down below because I’d love to check them out!



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