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We review makeup products here on S&G so why not workout classes. I want to inspire people to workout and get fit, which I think is much more fun when you’re out trying something new. But it can be a little scary walking into a new workout class not knowing what to expect. So today I’m reviewing the few classes I’ve taken at FlyBarre, which turned out to be some of my favorite workout classes.

Walking into the Flywheel studio was terrifying for me. From someone who loves the gym, I swear I have never seen so much color coordinating lululemon in one room. But everyone was super friendly. The people at the front desk made me feel right at home, they showed me how to work the lockers and what supplies I needed for my class.

At all the classes I’ve taken, we’ve used weights. I usually use 2-3 pound weights (provided by FlyBarre), which by the end of the class feel like 10 million pounds. I also recommend grabbing a towel. I don’t usually end up dripping sweat but it helps keep your feet from slipping on the mat. That’s the other thing, I don’t think you’ll end up dripping sweat from a FlyBarre class. But it’s still a great workout and you’ll definitely feel it. My favorite part of class are the abs. Arms are killer and hurt in places that I didn’t even know could hurt. The music they play is great and really helps pump you up!

A piece of advice, at your first class I recommend grabbing a mat on the sides so that you can always see the instructor. Also, don’t be afraid of telling the instructor that it’s your first class - they’ll be able to help you out and show you the positions.

I will admit that the classes are a little pricy - almost $30 a class. But, I think that taking at least one class is worth it. It’s a great environment and the class itself is so much fun.

Comment below any other thoughts you have on a FlyBarre class and any tips you have for first timers!



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