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In today's post, I will be sharing my favorite powder blushes. For me, blush is not a big part of my makeup collection. I rarely use blush and when I do I always use one of these. My two favorite blush formulas are the Benefit box blushes and the Milani baked blushes, so many of the blushes below are either brand. I will be sharing my 6 favorites so let's just get started!

The first blush I will be sharing is the Benefit Hirvana blush. This blush is a beautiful baby pink color. The powder is very soft and finely milled which gives your face a healthy look! Because the blush is a soft pink color, it is perfect for everyday use! 

Another Benefit box blush I love is coralista. Coralista is such a beautiful blush for when you have a slight tan! The sheen the product has is very pretty and instantly perks up your face. Coralista is a very versatile blush that will work perfectly with many different skin tones! 

The Milani bakes blushes are my favorite blushes from the drugstore. These blushes run for about $10 at any drugstore, but Milani always has deals do you can score this product for super cheap. Milani lumonioso is such a great blush for such a great price. The product itself is pigmented, smooth, and buttery. The pigment is even and this blush could truly be a high end blush. Lumonioso is such a great blush for bringing some warmth to your face.

Milani Rose d'oro is another staple milani blush. This is the perfect fall blush because it is a deeper color suitable for all skin tones. I am pale and pasty and even i can pull this blush off if I use a light hand! 

My last Milani blush favorite is the matte blush in bella rosa. Holy shit these are great blushes. They are INSANELY pigmented so be warned. The red blush looks great with neutral lips and eyes in the winter and fall months! Of course, it is just makeup and can be used whenever your heart desires, but it is a fall toned blush! 

My last favorite is a blush you can only buy in Europe. The La Roche-Posay Toleraine Teint blush in Caramel Tendre is beautiful! It is a bronzey/apricot color that really compliemnts any warm look. During the summer months, I love using this as a blush bronzer and applying it all over my face. The formula is also really smooth and soft which is always important. 

Those were my 6 favorite blushes! Although I am not a huge blush wearer, of course I have a different blush for each look lol. If you have any blushes that you recommend I try, by all means leave them in the comments below and I will swatch it next time I am at sephora! 

Thank you guys for reading! 

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