Favorite places to eat in Ann Arbor

Hey guys!
This summer I spent a few weeks in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I thought I would share with you some of my favorite places I ate at. These places are all budget friendly and have really good food!
Breakfast and Lunch places:
-Sava's on State Street is a super popular place in Ann Arbor. Ask anyone who has spent any time there, and they will definitely recommend this restaurant. My favorite thing they serve is the avocado toast, but everything I have tried is really really delicious.
-Angelo's is another Ann Arbor famous restaurant. Angelo's is located on Catherine street. I would recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a lunch or breakfast place. Their bread is also to die for, and is made in house.

-Pieology on Liberty Street is a very cool pizza place. Here, you can make your own pizza! If you know of Blaze out in California, it is basically the same thing.
-NYPD, also known as New York Pizza Department, is really really really good New York pizza. Of course being away for so long, I missed my New York pizza but the minute I stepped into NYPD, I was brought back to NYC. Great place for anyone looking for a quick bite to eat.

-Slurping Turtles, also on Liberty Street, is a delicious Japanese restaurant. They have everything from sushi to tapas and noodles. Definitely worth checking out! 
-Mani is yet another really delicious restaurant in Ann Arbor. This one is a little more pricey than the others I have mentioned, yet I think it is still worth checking out. They have the best true Italian food in town and it is ALWAYS full. I recommend reserving a table to ensure you can try the food while you are there! 
-Red Hawk is my favorite place to get burgers at in Ann Arbor. They are really really flavorful and delicious! Another favorite from Red Hawk is their fries, which are to die for. Red Hawk is located on State Street.
-Bar Louie is a great restaurant for burgers and beer. This is your classic bar that you would sit in to watch a football game. Their burgers are really really good (be warned that the $1 burger on Tuesday nights IS NOT the same). Bar Louie is located next to Mani on Liberty Street.
-Tomukun Korean BBQ is another restaurant on Liberty Street that is very very good. Their noodles and soup are delicious. I think this restaurant is defiantly with a shot.

-Zingermans has to be THE most popular place in Ann Arbor. You cannot visit Ann Arbor without at least stopping into the deli. Zingermans is located on Detroit street. 
-Amer's Deli is another delicious place to eat located right next to Red Hawk. They have really good smoothies and crepes. I have not tried their sandwiches or anything else, but they look delicious, and I have heard nothing but great things about Amer's! 

Snack places:
-tropical smoothie cafe has delicious smoothies for inexpensive. They run you anywhere from $4-6 but are at least 2x the size of a normal smoothie! Tropical smoothie is located on Liberty Street right after Salad UP.
-Stucchi's ice cream is another favorite amongst those who visit Ann Arbor. They are located on State Street and have by far the best ice cream in town.

Those are all my favorite places to eat in Ann Arbor. If you have any recommendations that are not on this list please leave them in the comments below, so anyone visiting, or staying, in Ann Arbor has recommendations of where to eat! 

Thank you for reading:))
I hope you have an amazing day/night!


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