Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen Review

As you guys know, I preach wearing sunscreen all the time. I can’t tell you enough how important it is. I was recently at Sephora and saw this Supergoop sunscreen and I wanted to test out if I liked this (more expensive one) more than the drugstore sunscreen I usually use. Supergoop repeatedly pops up as being one of the best sunscreen brands, so I was excited to see what I thought about it.

This everyday sunscreen is supposed to be water-resistant, oil-free, non-drying, and not have the typical sunscreen smell. I have fairly sensitive skin, and this sunscreen was great. I didn’t break out like I sometimes do. This sunscreen also doesn’t have that super oily and gross feel that many sunscreens do, so this was a major plus for me. This sunscreen also feels super light and gets absorbed very fast. The formula is great, it doesn’t streak and is very light. The smell is also really good, not too overpowering or gross, but it still has a hint of that typical sunscreen smell. This sunscreen layers really well underneath my foundation and concealer, it doesn’t wind up feeling super thick or gloopy.

As far as effectiveness goes, for me, this product worked wonders. I usually reapply every few hours (ok fine, maybe sometimes I forget) and this really helps me not burn. It is able to stand up to the pool/lake and me sweating in it. And while I totally don’t want to jinx it, this hasn’t left me with a burn yet!

While I can’t speak for everyone, since all skin types are different, this product has been amazing for me. I love the formula and it works so well. The only real setback for me is the price. At $32 a bottle, it is on the expensive side, but I believe that it’s totally worth it!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this sunscreen and what your thoughts are about it. Also let me know what your favorite sunscreens are, and I’ll be sure to check them out!



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