Venice Travel Guide

We finally come to last travel guide from my time in Italy. As you probably already know, we flew into Rome and then took the train to Florence and then another 2 hour train to Venice. Venice was a beautiful area and I totally recommend it if you’re in Italy. You can read my other two travel guides here (Rome) and here (Florence).

What to pack:
  • Sunglasses - This is on a few of my other travel guides but you definately need the, in Venice. It gets super bright on the water and you’ll want to be able to see everything clearly.
  • Map App - Guys, I cannot tell you the number of times we would go over a bridge thinking we were heading in one direction but ended up somewhere totally different! A map was so crucial for us!
  • Light Sweater - Maybe it’s because we were right near the water, but it did get a little colder at night. I recommend bringing something light to throw on at night, so you can still walk around.

Where to stay:
  • The Westin Europa & Regina - This was an amazing hotel we stayed in. It had a great location, walking distance to everything. And it had an amazing breakfast, what more could you want? lol. The staff was super helpful and they gave us a ton of great recommendations.
  • B&B Al Saor - If you’re looking to stay in a hostel, this one has amazing reviews. I’ve heard the staff is great and the hostel has a really great value (compared to lots of other things in Venice).

Where to eat:
  • Alla Palanca - This restaurant is definitely a favorite in Venice. They’re mainly seafood but dw, they have my tomato/mozzarella salad so we’re all good. This had a really nice vibe and the staff was super friendly!
  • La Zucca - This is a super good authentic Italian restaurant. They have a little bit of everything, so everyone should find something they like!
  • Side Note: As far as restaurants go, I recommend staying away from anything directly on a small canal if you really want to eat outside. They can have a very fishy smell which can be a little unpleasant.

What to do:
  • Visit the Doge’s Palace - This palace is one of the must see’s in Venice. There are millions of rooms and pieces of art to look at, so I definitely recommend eating something energizing right before.
  • Visit Piazza San Marco - This is one of the main squares in Venice. It can be a little touristy but the church is breathtaking so I definitely recommend seeing it. Also, there are a ton of pigeons, just warning you.
  • Take a Gondola Ride - Taking a gondola ride in Venice is essential! They’re so much fun and you get to see so many of the cool back canals. I will admit they can be a little bit expensive but, they’re totally worth it.
  • Walk Around - I know this is probably in all of these travel guides but walking around in Italy was so much fun. Especially in Venice, it was so much fun to walk by the water and window shop and walk along all the back canals!

So I guess my trip is actually over now that I finally have all these travel guides posted. Tears. Make sure to share any other tips in the comments down below to help anyone else looking to plan their trip to Venice!



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