Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

Weddings in the summer can be rough. Yes, they’re happy and wonderful but they can also be hot and sticky. Today I have a few ideas for cute and warm weather friendly outfits to wear at wedding or formal(ish) event over the summer!

Outfit 1 - A pretty floral dress and heels is a no-brainer when it comes to summer outfits. If the wedding is scheduled to be outside, I recommend wearing wedges so you don’t sink into the grass. 

Outfit 2 - This gorgeous blue dress is the perfect thing to wear to any summer wedding. I love the monochromatic blue vibe this outfit has, it’s super unique!

Outfit 3 - For a little more casual summer wedding, this is the perfect outfit. The yellow dress is definitely a bright pop of color but the wedges make this a little more relaxed. 

Outfit 4 - And one final outfit that’s a little bit different. This long, light, flowy skirt is contrasted with a tighter crop top to create the perfect look. A long skirt is definitely unexpected for a summer wedding but I think that this one works because it’s super light and it’s such a bright, fun color. 

So, these are my ideas for outfits to wear to summer weddings. I love all these outfits and think any of them would be perfect. Comment any other ideas below or share pics of of you rocking summer wedding outfits for a chance to be featured on social media!



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