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Hey guys! 
For the past few months all I've been seeing and hearing about is the RCMA no color powder. It started with Kathleen from Kathleenlights and then snowballed from there. My intensions were to test this product out a while ago but whenever I went to buy it it was always out of stock. 
I finally received my product and thought I would share my thoughts on the it.

I ordered the no color powder off of beautylish.com. The beauty lish customer service is incredible. They texted me updates on the product and after I received my package, I got a text from and employee who asked how I was enjoying the product. I would highly recommend ordering from this website because you can tell they really care about their customers. 

Onto the product itself....
The RCMA no color powder costs $12 US (+ shipping if not qualified for the free shipping) and comes with 3 oz of product (which is INSANE for a loose powder).
Since RCMA is a company typically used by makeup artists, their packaging isn't always the best for everyday use. Unfortunately the packing on the no color powder isn't great. It comes in a big tub, which means a lot of product and just a little inconvenient when it comes to using the powder. I'm not sure of the best way to use it, but when baking, I tend to take the cap all the way off and dip my beauty blender in the powder. When I used the powder all over with a powder brush I tap some into the cap. 

The powder itself if very smooth and finely milled. It goes on super smoothly and sets you face and under eyes flawlessly. the powder really does not accentuate any fine lines or dryness. I find that if you have extremely oily skin the powder won't hold up, but for combo to dry skin it's a really good option. 

I love baking with this powder because it is so big and inexpensive. 

Overall, I really like the RCMA no color powder and defiantly think it's worth the purchase! 

If you've tried this powder or have any other recommendations be sure to let me know down below! 



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  1. Wow I'm so impressed with the sound of the customer service. The RCMA no colour powder sounds great xx



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