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Hey guys!
A few weeks ago, I posted a picture saying of the Glam Glow brightening mask saying that it seriously changed my life. I got a ton of comments asking for a full review so here it is!
First off, GlamGlow is an extremely reputable brand that sells extremely expensive face masks. I have tried several of their other masks and while i haven’t love every single one I tried, I do love the majority of them.
Since this is a Shadow and Gloss review, I do have to comment on the smell... unlike many other glam glow masks, I love the scent of this mask. It smells kind of orangey and delicious. If you're sensitive to smell, I do not think this would be too overpowering and strong.
This is the first mask that has seriously changed my life. Upon receiving the product, I used this mask three days in a row, like the directions said, and then three times a week afterwards. I have never used a skin care product that has worked so fast and so well.
After using the mask three days in a row, I found my skin to be a lot brighter, smoother, and much much softer. Since the mask has exfoliating properties, it really cleared my skin and made makeup application better and smoother. The mask has brightened up my complexion dramatically.
I do find that the mask is only effective if you use it consistently. If you want to see dramatic results you must be constant with your use of the mask. I'd recommend 3x a week but its up to you!
Overall, I love this mask and have really seen a difference with the quality of my skin.
Let me know if you've tried this and what your thoughts on it are!
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