Armpit Fat Exercises

Summer is coming up, and that means pulling out our strapless tops and bikinis! And while everyone has a totally different (and totally beautiful) body, it’s not uncommon to have a little bit of extra armpit fat. While you can’t really just decide where to get rid of fat (I wish!), today I have some exercises to help tighten and lose the appearance of armpit fat.
  • Plank Walks - Starting in a plank with straight arms, cross your left hand under your right arm while moving your right foot out. Then, move your right arm out while you move your left foot in. Repeat 10 times to the right and then switch so you cross your right arm underneath and move to the left. 
  • Pushups with a Twist - Literally with a twist. Start by doing a regular push up. Then twist so you are facing the right, with your right arm on your hip and your weight on your left arm. Come back to the starting position and repeat, this time twisting to face your left. Repeat 5 times on each side. 
  • Butterflies - Side note: I have no clue what these are called, but your arms kind of look like a butterfly so we’re going with that. Lie on your back with your knees bent so your feet are flat on the floor.  Put your arms in the air and then bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Open your arms away from each other until they are about to touch the floor. Then bring your arms back to their starting position. Repeat 35 times. 
  • Diamond Pushups - Start in a regular pushup position. Then move your arms inwards until your thumbs are touching and your pointer fingers are touching so there is a diamond space in between. Then do 10 pushups with your arms going out to the side.
So, here are 4 exercises I have to help target your armpit/pectoral muscles. Hopefully this helps you guys + they’re really fun to just add on to any workout!



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