6 Ways to Make Your Eyelashes POP

There’s this quote: “If you think there’s no such thing as a magic wand, you’ve clearly never used mascara.” I have no clue who the fuck said this but whoever they are, they were clearly on to something. Mascara is an everyday essential and when applied properly, it can make your eyelashes pop and look amazing.

  • LAYERS (on layers on layers) - Layering your mascara is the simplest way make your eyelashes pop and appear fuller. Do a coat or 2 of one type of mascara, wait a hot sec, and then apply another coat of a second type of mascara.

  • De-Clump - If you’re mascara is getting a little on the older side, soak it in warm water before you apply it. This will make the formula thinner and it won’t clump as much when you apply it. Just make sure you really disinfect and dry it after you use it to avoid bacteria.

  • Get All Angles - Make sure you apply mascara not just to the bottoms of your lashes but also to the tops. This makes your eyelashes much thicker and will make your eyes appear more open.

  • Extra on the Ends - Apply a little extra mascara onto the tips of your lashes. This will give the illusion of fuller lashes.

  • Scrape the Wand - Make sure you scrape your wand on the side of the bottle so mascara doesn’t clump on the wand. This makes it easier to apply and will clump less on your eyes.

  • Tightline - Not actually a mascara trick but tightlining your eyes will give the illusion of thicker and fuller eyelashes.

So these are my tips for making your eyelashes pop and appear fuller. If you have any other tips share them in the comments below and I’ll definitely check them out!



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