May favorites

Hey guys!
Holy shit it's June! I have so many favorites this month so let's jump in!!
Starting with body care, I'm obsessed with my DIY body scrub (check out my post here!). It is incredible for making your skin so soft and smooth.
After exfoliating, I love the Nivea in shower body moisturizer for dry skin. I am way too lazy to moisturizer after getting out of the shower and this does the same thing while you're in the shower! perfect for anyone as lazy as me :))
Skincare wise, I have been LOVING the Cetaphil cleanser. I posted a review earlier in the month so check it out here!
The Glamglow hydrating mask had been a lifesaver. Whenever I travel my skin gets super super dry and this really helps calm my skin. This is a pretty pricy product, but I find it is worth every penny because I only use it when my skin is super dry.
For makeup I have been loving the Becca liquid illuminater in gold. I love mixing this into my foundation and moisturizer for an extra dewy look.
The physicians formula organic wear jumbo lash mascara has been my ish lately. I LOVEE how it makes my lashes look and its drugstore so yay!!
For my bottom lashes I have been using the Clinique bottom lash mascara. When I first heard about this I thought it was the MOST gimicky product ever, but it is really really cool. I often have trouble wit my bottom lashes flaking and smudging throughout the day. This mascara is almost waterproof but it will come off if you use eye makeup remover. The mascara lengthens and separated your bottom lashes without making them look spidery. Highly recommend!
Recently, I pulled out my Buxom gloss in creamsicle again. It is a beautiful peachy color that's perfect for spring. The formula is on the thicker side and the gloss is quite pigmented. Be warned that there is a tingling effect. I don't notice it plumps my lips, but I have naturally full lips to begin with so maybe it would if you have smaller lips. I love everything about these glosses and I'm looking to pick up more soon!
Another Buxom favorite is my custom buxom palette. The shadows are SO pigmented and blend effortlessly. If you purchase the whole palette, each shadow is a little under $7 each which is a great price! (under most drugstore shadows now-a-days). 

I have been loving my Ray Ban sunglasses (like always), but I'm also looking to buy a new pair for this year. I want something funky, but not insane. I also dislike the huge glasses with a lot of plastic. If you have any recommendations please let me know or tweet me pictures!! 

Those were all my beauty, and one fashion, favorites of the month. 

I can't wait for June and summer!! 



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