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Something I noticed while in Italy was all the flowers. On every block there was a garden and a ton of the windows had flower boxes in full bloom with gorgeous flowers. The flowers made the cities breathtaking, and I began thinking how can I bring this to New York. One big issue? Space. Here in New York, we’re lucky to even have a backyard, much less room for a garden. So I started to think if there was a way to bring the garden indoors. Today I wanted to share with you some ideas of how to make a gorgeous, space-saving indoor garden.

An indoor edible garden is a great addition to any kitchen. These veggies and herbs are super healthy, especially when homegrown, and a great addition to any kitchen. FYI, these plants should be kept in a container that allows for draining at the bottom. This can be easily made or bought at any garden store. 

  • Carrots - Carrots are super simple to grow. All you need is carrot seeds, soil, and a pot/window box that is at least 1½ feet deep. Plant the seeds at least an inch apart from each other and water. Make sure to place these in an area that receives a lot of light. 
  • Salad Greens - Poke holes in the soil of a pot or window box. Using a mixed seed packet of salad greens, sprinkle a few seeds in each box. Water the soil regularly. If the plants start overcrowding, pull out the unhealthy or very small ones. 
  • Basil - Place the basil seeds in a pot or window box. Make sure they get lots of sun and be sure to water regularly. To harvest, snip off a few leaves from the plants just be sure to leave a few on all the sprouts. 
  • Cilantro - Select a container that is at least 8 inches deep. Press the seeds into the soil and water until the soil in moist. Cover the container with plastic wrap until the seeds start to germinate. Make sure that these plants are receiving a substantial amount of sun and water.

If you’re looking for color over tastiness, opt for some flowers. 

  • Violas - This family of plants has a ton of choices. They’re super easy to maintain and only need a little sun. Try planting them in a pot or window box. They’ll usually sprout between the spring and summer depending on how much sun they get. 
  • Chamomile - This gorgeous little flower only needs moderate light and a little bit of water. The smell is also great to calm down and for keeping bugs and other pests away. 
  • Geranium Cranesbill - This is a great option if you have a space that will be shaded at some points and in the sun at some points. This is also only one form of geraniums, most are very indoor/house friendly and only need a little bit of sun.

Ok so these are some of my ideas for how to bring a garden indoors. These plants require very little attention and will thrive inside. I’ve tried to put together some of the best ways to plant and/or harvest each of these but I am not a gardner. So if you have any other advice or tips please share it in the comments below, I would love to read it and try it out!



P.s. If all else fails, just buy a cactus. Who doesn’t love a cactus?

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