Favorite Coffee Table Books

To me, coffee table books are the epitome of sophistication. They just feel so, adult. It’s like “Please, step into my beautiful home, and while you’re at it look at some of these beautiful,very sophisticated books I’ve been collecting”. Their covers are gorgeous, they are so fun to flip through, and they are great conversation starters. Today I have a list of some of my personal favorite books that I love! 

  • Kate Spade New York: Places to Go, People to See - This is such a gorgeous coffee table book filled with inspirational anecdotes and vibrant pictures leaves you wanting to get on a plane and travel right now! Plus the bright green cover is bound to catch an eye. 

  • Vogue: The Covers - If you’re a fan of Vogue, this is coffee table book for you. It has bits of history along with fashion and beauty and the photographs are stunning. 

  • The Treehouse Book - This gorgeous book will definately leave you wanting to pack up and move into the trees. The pictures are gorgeous but be warned, this will make you want to be a little kid again. 

  • Other People’s Love Letters - This is such a cute book with an adorable cover. I will admit there are quite a few break up letters in here but it’s so cute to have it as a coffee table book and to leaf through it from time to time. 

  • Once Upon A Time - Slim Aarons is famous for his pictures of the rich and famous, and this book certainly does not disappoint. 

  • Parties Exhabitions and People - This is another gorgeous book filled with amazing pictures from the Met Costume Institute. This had great anecdotes and pictures in it! 

So these are some of my favorite coffee table books. Comment below any others that you love and I’ll be sure to check them out! 



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