Day in Boston!

Hey guys!
So I just spent a day in Boston and thought I would share the highlights of my day with you!
I started at Faneuil hall where I picked up a smoothie for my breakfast. The smoothie was beyond delicious and it was a great way to start my day. The rest of Faneuil hall was beautiful, it was like the Boston Chelsea Market if you are from NY.
After grabbing a smoothie, we walked around the area and did a little shopping. There, you can find all the typical stores you'd find in any city (Victoria's secret, Urban, etc...). After, we walked towards North End to grab a little sweet snack. Being Italian, I haven't found really good cannoli in the states, but the cannoli at Mike's Pastry beat all my expectations. Yes, it was like 11, but it is never too early for delicious cannoli. There were super long lines, but they had the lines for a reason! I really should've brought more for that afternoon lol.

For Lunch, I went to Anna's taqueria. My family has been going here for decades now and it never fails to impress us. They have the BEST burritos I have probably ever eaten. There are many locations throughout Boston, but my favorite has got to be the original in Brookline.

That afternoon, my family and I walked around South End and back towards our hotel. In all honesty, we didn't even have a full day because we had to be in the car heading home at 3 (it turned out to be 4 because we got locked out of our hotel room lol). Charles street is a super charming street with fantastic boutiques. There is also a bomb cupcake shop called sweets. (Their lemon raspberry cupcake is to die for!)

Overall, I had a fantastic day in Boston and I can't wait to go back. Since I was little, my family and I have gone to the suburbs to visit family friends, but I haven't spent nearly enough time in the city itself!

Since I am going back in 2 weeks, please let me know what you recommend doing in Boston!


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