Body care for spring/summer

Hey guys!
Here, in NY, it FINALLY started getting warm. Warm weather means more skin exposed so during the warmer months, I like to take extra good care of my skin.
The first thing I always do is make sure I exfoliate well. Exfoliating helps you get a closer shave, and it helps with absorption of whatever product you put on top. Since all exfoliators are SUPER EXPENSIVE, I started making my own, which I find works just as well if not better. All you need is equal parts brown sugar and honey. This combination is super moisturizing but also effective is scrubbing off all your dead skin.
After exfoliating, I shave. I have been using the Dorco razors. I find these are not only the best razor because they last the longest and give you the closest shave, but they also are inexpensive compared to the blades you would typically find at your local drugstore.
After shaving, I've started using the Nivea in shower body lotion for dry to extra dry skin. I honestly could not preach this stuff enough. Not only is this a super cool concept, it is one that works incredibly well. My skin has never felt more hydrated in my entire life (which is an amazing thing). 

After rinsing off the Nivea in shower lotion, I like to apply another layer of lotion just to lock in hydration. I would recommend patting your skin dry before applying whatever moisturizer you like. This helps the moisturizer sink in quicker. I have been switching off using the cetaphil body lotion (the one in the tub) and the codi olive hand and body lotion. I love the smell of this lotion so I tend to use it in the mornings. 

If you use these steps, your skin will feel so soft and smooth! 

Let me know what you guys do to get your skin ready for the summer!!


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