A Day in Greenwich Village

I love hanging out in New York City. One of my favorite place is Greenwich Village, or just The Village as the cool people call it. lol. Anyways, today I have a guide for all the great things you should do for a day in Greenwich Village.

So the ultimate plan for a day in Greenwich Village? Brunch, followed by a walk in the park, then shopping, then dinner and dessert.

Summer’s Juice and Coffee - This is an amazing little cafe/restaurant. The staff is so nice and helpful, they have great juice and amazing avocado toast. What else could you ask for?

Washington Square Park - After you’re delicious brunch, take a walk in Washington Square Park. It’s beautiful and so much fun to walk through. Also, there are sometimes magicians set up and one time we stopped to watch one, we picked a card and, I kid you not, he pulled the same card out of a kiwi. Mind=Blown.

In Greenwich Village there is tons of shopping. There are tons of specialty music shops, dog shops, and book stores. There are also thrift stores, boutiques, and some bigger name stores.

La Lanterna Di Vittorio - This is a delicious Italian American place right near Washington Park. I totally recommend the pizza and bruschetta. If you need something sweet, go for the nutella pizza.  

La Panineria - If you’re feeling something a little less formal, try La Panineria. This has great paninis (obviously) and an amazing atmosphere.

Molly’s Cupcakes - This is honestly the best cupcake shop/bakery I have ever been too. Not only do they serve amazing cupcakes (cookie dough, oreo, red velvet, cookie monster, peach cobbler, etc.), you can create your own flavors, have amazing chocolate covered oreos, and add your own sprinkles and toppings to hot chocolate. Plus the bar has swings as seats, so I don’t even know why we’re still discussing whether or not you should go lol.

Greenwich Village is honestly one of my favorite places to go in New York City. It has such a cool uptown meets downtown vibe and if you have the time I completely recommend spending a day around there! Share anything else you recommend doing down below and I’ll be sure to check them out! 



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