The Last Anniversary Book Review

Ok I’m going to be completely honest rn, I totally just made the connection between the title and the book. Well this is a little awkward. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. This past weekend, mine and Shadow’s families got back from a weekend skiing in Steamboat Springs (It was sm fun in case you were wondering). I basically spent the entire plane ride both ways engrossed in a new book, The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty.

I’ve been obsessed with Liane Moriarty since I first read The Husband’s Secret. I picked up this book and the first page instantly drew me in. Mysterious voices? And who doesn’t like a good scheme and mystery? Basically, this book revolves around the Munro Baby Mystery, Jack and Alice Munro disappear leaving a baby and a still warm cake behind. This book focus on Scribbly Gum Island decades after the disappearance. With enigmatic and quirky characters, this book is funny and a little tearjerking.

This book was captivating and intriguing. I loved all the subplots and side characters. I completely didn’t see the finale of the Munro Baby Mystery, so I really liked that. There may have been a few too many characters but they all had unique backstories and their own issues so it made it interesting. One other thing I liked, this story did endn't up the way I expected it to, for Sophie (the main protagonist) or anyone else.

All this said, I did enjoy The Husband’s Secret more than this book. However, this was still a great and intriguing read that I definitely recommend for anyone looking for part love story/ part mystery.

So have any of you guys read this book? What’d you think? Let me know in the comments below!



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