Spring Cleaning: 4 Things You Probably Forgot to Clean

Spring cleaning; time to get your whole house in order, rearrange evrything you own, implement the KonMari method, throw away 500 bags of trash, oh yeah, and, like, still do everything else you usually do in your life. Or if you’re like me, start to clean ½ a room, get distracted by what you find, and then take your well deserved break. But in all seriousness, no matter how good we are at cleaning, there are bound to be a few spots you forgot to clean. So today, I have a list of a few common places that often get ignored during spring cleaning!

  • Your Inbox - As crazy as this sounds, an inbox filled with unopened emails, junk mail, and super old, unnecessary emails can actually stress you out. Delete everything you don’t need anymore and while you’re at it unsubscribe from all those random emails you once signed up for.
  • Your Gym Bag - We like to think we keep our gym bags clean but do we really? Completely open and unpack your gym bag. Throw all your sweaty clothes in the laundry and throw out anything you can. Make sure to wipe down and disinfect your bag to get rid of bacteria and then let it air out to try and get rid of the smell that it most likely has.
  • Your Medicine Cabinet - Your medicine cabinet has definitely been neglected for far too long. Take everything out of your medicine cabinet, check all the expiration dates, and throw out anything old or weird looking. Then make sure to wipe everything down before you put it back.
  • Your Purse - Like your gym bag, we often like to pretend our purses our clean. But take everything little thing out of your purse, that’s a lot of stuff isn’t it? Throw away any old receipts, wrappers, ½ complete to do lists, and any other random shit you find. Then give your bag a good shake upside down to get all the dust and crumbs out of it.

So this is it! 4 random things in your life that you probably forgot to spring clean. Share any thoughts down below!



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