Is it a dupe?

Hey Guys! 
I'm so so sorry I haven't posted in a while. March was a rough month for me and I just had to take a break to deal with a few things. 
Anyways, I have an exciting post for today! 
For the past few weeks, I have been testing and comparing the beauty blender and the real techniques complexion sponge. I feel like I have enough information to tell you guys if it is a dupe or not. 

Let's start with the basics...
staring with the beauty blender: 
The original beauty blender is a beauty sponge that everyone and their freaking mother uses. The sponge is incredibly pricy at $20 a unit. I recommend buying beauty blenders from Sephora (or ultra if they sell) to ensure you're getting the real deal. The beauty blender looks like a tear drop or an egg with a point. The beauty blender is meant to be used wet to sheer out the look of any foundation or concealer. I absolutely love the beauty blender because it blends out both foundation and concealer seamlessly and prevents cakeface. I really do love the beauty blender even though it is a major bummer on your wallet. 

A few months back, Jaclyn Hill started using the real techniques complexion sponge. I was intrigued and thought I'd give it a try. Unlike the beauty blender, the real techniques sponge is more circle with a pointed side on one end and a flat surface on the other. On the box the sponge comes in, it mentions that the sponge can be used wet for a lighter coverage look or dry for a more full coverage. They say that the flat surface is for getting under your eyes and around your nose and the rounder sides are for all over foundation. The real techniques sponge is literally 1/4 of the price of be beauty blender. You can get a pack of 2 from Ulta or Amazon for $10. 

Do I think the real techniques sponge is a dupe for the beauty blender? 
100% yes. I actually prefer the real techniques sponge more than the beauty blender. The real techniques sponge is much softer, and I find that when it is damp it blends put product better and gives a much more natural appearance. Even if you have the money to spend, I would recommend the real techniques sponge over the original beauty blender. 

For both of these sponges, it is recommended to replace them every 3-4 months to avoid bacterial infections. It is also crucial to wash these spices frequently to avoid giving yourself acne. 

I hope this was a helpful post and if you have tried either of these products be sure to let me know your thoughts below! 

As always, if you have post suggestions comment below or tweet me!! 

I hope you're having a great day or night!


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