3 Beauty Tools I'm Loving

Whenever I travel, I like to bring as much of my regular stuff as I can. But usually because of space, I can't bring all my regular products and tools. Right now, I'm in the midst of packing for Italy and I noticed that I put a few tools in my bag as absolute must haves. So today I thought I would share a few of the beauty tools I've been loving and have been using daily.

  • Soft Bristle Brush - A soft bristle brush is a must for anyone, especially if you have straighter hair. I use my soft brush after I brush my hair out with a regular brush which makes it super silky and smooth. A soft bristle brush is also the perfect for smoothing out flyaways and for making hairspray last longer.

  • A Firm Beauty Blender - Maybe this is just me, but I can definitely feel a difference in beauty blenders. And I get super picky about which kinds I use. For my concealer I like to use a fluffier/less firm beauty blender, I think this moves the product more easily and applies it really well. However, for my foundation, I like to use a firmer beauty blender (TBH this one might not even be a brand name beauty blender, but one I found at a CVS). I love this for foundation because it applies the foundation very easily and evenly.

  • Bent Spoolie Brush - This started out as a little DIY project and has now turned into one of my favorite beauty tools. Taking a cheap spoolie brush (the one I used was from ELF), I bent it at the tip at a 45-ish degree angle. For some reason, this makes it much easier to use, and IDK I just really like the brush like this, lol.  

These are three of my favorite beauty tools that I always make sure to bring with me. Comment below any of your favorite beauty tools down below and I’ll definately be sure to check them out!



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