Pomegranate Frosting Recipe

Pomegranate is honestly the best fruit in the entire world. And today I was looking for a new recipe to try. So I decided to look for some recipes for pomegranate frosting. But……. like 0 exist. So I decided to try to make up my own recipe. Needless to say, it was a struggle. 

This is a classic buttercream frosting with, obviously, pomegranate. I think that this recipe is perfect because they’re really aren’t that many pink baked goods. Anything you make with this frosting would be good for a baby shower and now that many schools and workplaces support breast cancer this frosting would be perfect for any event relating to that. Or just make it because it's delicious!

This recipe makes a ton of frosting (I don’t know the exact amount) but it’s super easy to double.

  • Half a pomegranate
  • ¼ cup of  softened butter
  • 2-¼ cup of sugar
  • 1-½ Tsp Vanilla Extract

Directions :
  • De-seed the pomegranate and put all the seeds into a blender. Blend them until it is as creamy as it gets.
  • Strain the pomegranate seeds into a bowl and set aside.
  • Now, using a mixer, beat the butter until creamy.
  • Add the sugar to the butter and blend together.
  • Next add the vanilla extract. While beating these together, make sure to blend for a while and don’t freak out if it looks weird at first trust me it will look better.
  • Finally add in the pomegranate juice and continue to beat. I actually let this beat for like 15 minutes soo get ready to wait a while.
  • Let it beat until it is very creamy and then spread it onto anything you want. I did sugar cookies but it would taste amazing on cupcakes.

So this is my recipe for pomegranate buttercream frosting. It tastes amazing and looks so pretty on whatever baked good you chose. Let me know what you think about this recipe.



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