How To Make Your Mornings Less Stressful

So for today’s post I’m totally and completely focused on making your life easier. For me, mornings are also super stressful I always have somewhere to be a million things that I should be doing. So in this post I’m going to tell you a few tips I have for making my mornings less stressful.

  • Plan Your Outfits The Night Before -  Picking outfits in the mornings takes up a ton of time and always adds a ton of stress. By picking out your outfit the night before and getting everything you need together it allows to wake up and just get dressed without having to run around for 20 minutes trying to find a specific colored bra, only to find you lent the shirt you wanted to wear it with to your friend. 
  • Pack Your Bag The Night Before - Get everything you need for the next day all ready. If you’re in school pack up all your homework, if you’re going to work make sure that you know where your purse is and if you’re going to a meeting have everything all ready in a bag. 
  • Never Hit The Snooze Button - This is essential to having a stress free morning. There’s nothing worse than falling back asleep because you hit the snooze button and the running around totally frazzled 20 minutes later trying to get ready in a very short amount of time.
  • Perfect The 5 Minute Makeup Look - Having at least one look that you can do in under 10 minutes is perfect for those mornings when you’re super rushed. Even just doing a very neutral eye and a bold lip would work. 
  • Try And Shower At Night - If you can deal with this, shower at night. It frees up a ton of time and you won’t have to change your shirt like 8 times because it keeps getting wet from your hair. 
  • Plan Your Lunch The Night Before - Either know what you’re going to make the next day for lunch or make it already and just put it in the fridge. This will clear up tons of time in your morning. But if you leave it in your fridge, just don’t forget to pack it. 
  • Make a designated place for your morning skincare routine - By even just setting all the products you will need in the morning apart from everything else, you’ll save a ton of time. You won’t need to be hunting around your stash for your cleanser, everything will be all in one place and very accessible. 
  • Eat a fast but healthy breakfast - If you have a super busy morning, it is not the day to be attempting to make an omelet for the first time. But it still is important to eat breakfast. Have some essentials in your fridge such as fresh fruits, yogurts, and granola.
  • Don’t Leave Anything For The Mornings - By this I mean, do all your homework the night before, print out all your notes the night before, and of course make sure all you have all the essentials for where you’re going.

Ok so these are my tips for how to make your mornings less stressful. Comment below anything else that you do to help speed up your morning routine.



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