Tips for a flawless undereye!!

Hey Guys!
Today I’m coming at you with my tips on how to get flawless under eyes.
I have ridiculously dark under eyes and it drives me insane. Luckily, I know of a few good products that cover the darkest of dark circles!
My favorites include:
Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream
Elf under eye primer
Makeup Forever ultra HD concealer
Rimmel wake me up concealer
Maybelline loose powder
Beauty blender

I start by applying my bobbi brown hydrating eye cream. This is the best eye cream I have ever tried. I used to have really dry under eyes (which is horrible because your concealer always looks cakey), and this eye cream has helped so much! After letting the eye cream soak in for about 15 minutes, I tap on the elf under eye primer. This is a $3 primer that helps with creasing.
I take a tiny amount of concealer and start applying this in a triangle shape under my eyes. Too much and it is too cakey, but too little and you can’t see a difference. My makeup forever concealer is also my skin color. Many people like to highlight with their concealer, and I really like to do that too, but I find that if I conceal and highlight with the same product I tend to accentuate the dark circles instead of hid them.
When blending out your concealer, make sure to use a damp beauty blender and use tapping motions. This will give you the most flawless look. I use the rimmel wake me up concealer to highlight the highpoints of my face, as well as under my freshly concealed eyes. Again, blend this out with a beauty blender.
The final step is setting your concealer. I like getting a tiny amount of loose powder on the tip of my beauty blender and setting the concealer that way. I don’t bake every day, but I do like the way the powder sits under my eyes when it is applied with a beauty blender.

I hope this post was helpful!
Please let me know your holy grail tips and products to achieving a flawless undereye because concealers are my weakness….

Have a great day or night :)

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