15.5 Minute Workout

Taylor Swift had a super successful night at the Grammy’s last weekend. Not only did she look gorgeous but she also won Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best Music Video. Not that any of this should as a surprise to anyone. Anyways, inspired by her big win, today I have a 15 (and a half) minute workout for you guys to do using some of my favorite Taylor Swift songs as a playlist. This is a super fun workout aimed to workout your whole body. The best part? It’s super fast and requires no equipment so you can do it whenever you have a little time! So let’s get started!

Your Playlist:
  • Shake It Off (3:39)
  • 22 (3:52)
  • How You Get the Girl (4:07)
  • Blank Space (3:51)

Your Moves:
  • What does Taylor do in her Shake it Off Video? Duh, dance it out. Spend the first 3:39 of your workout just dancing. Make sure all your moves are super high energy and you’ll be sure to break a sweat in no time. Some inspiration? Try jumping (it adds a little extra burn to your booty).
  • For the next 3:52 of your workout get on the floor on your hands and knees and work out that booty. Start by lifting your right leg and pulse it towards the ceiling, making sure to keep it straight. Repeat on the left side. Then switch back to your right leg, this time bending your knee so it make a 90 degree angle with your toes in the air and pulse towards the ceiling. Repeat on the left side. Switch back to the right side and this time open your hip until your right knee sticks out to the side and your toes are almost touching. Your legs should be in some sort of weird butterfly position. Continue these raises and then switch the the left side. You should look like a dog peeing on a hydrant. Finally, switch back to the right side and begin how you started the dog peeing exercise, only this time straighten your leg out to the side like a ninja kick. Continue these kicks and then repeat on the  left side. So, how many should you do? 22 reps of each obviously. If you have extra time, do some more of your favorite exercise.
  • For the next 4:07 of your workout, get in a plank position. Until the first chorus, do up-up-down-downs. Start on your elbows and then change one hand so you’re on your hand and then do the on the other hand. Then return back to your elbows. Repeat this until the first chorus. During the first chorus hold a plank. For the second verse, be in a pushup position with your arms straight and tap your shoulder with your opposite hand, being careful not to shift your weight too much. For the second chorus return back to the plank position. For the third verse, do some pushups. If this becomes too difficult, come onto your knees  and continue to do pushups. Then, just plank it out for the rest of the song!
  • For the final 3:51 of your workout, lie on your back and do some crunches. To make it more interesting, switch up how you do them. Throw in some bicycles or lemon squeezes, its up to you but just keep crunching.

Now you’re done! I hope you enjoy this quick 15 (and a half) minute workout to some of my favorite T-Swift songs. Comment down below what you thought about this workout or share a video of you doing your Shake It Off dance for a chance to be featured on social media!


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