Knitty Gritty

 Top: Francesca’s (Out of Stock) Similar Top Another Similar Top Leggings Vest Boots Legwarmers Bag

Knits are my go-to for winter. They never fail to keep we warm, even when it’s, like, 0 degrees outside, super windy, and raining. *cough cough* the day we took all these picture. But anyways, down on this end, it’s officially winter. Which means more snow days binging on The 100 and How to Get Away With Murder. Which obviously, I’m totally ok with. In addition to watching TV for hours on end, in my mind, it’s completely acceptable to lounge around in pjs drinking hot cocoa all day. Anyways, it’s been pretty chill (figuratively and literally) here at S&G HQ, but we have a ton of cool (again with the cold weather puns) projects that we’ve been working on that we just can’t wait to share with you guys!

Stay tuned + warm!



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