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You want to know what sucks about New Year Resolutions? The fact that you have to make them at the beginning of January, basically the beginning of Winter. One of my resolutions this year was to diversify the types of workouts I’m doing and to start running more. But you see, the thing is, it’s WINTER and a freakin’ 4 degrees outside. I refuse to run in this. So I started thinking, what are some fun workouts you can do inside during the winter? So today I have a list of some cool indoor workouts to try this winter because we all know, hibernating is not going to burn any calories.

Spin - If you haven’t heard about spin classes by now, you may as well be living under a rock. These high-intensity classes are a blast and will leave you dripping by the end.

Skating - Well, it is Winter isn’t it? Skating at a moderate speed for an hour can actually burn close to 500 calories. Not bad for a super fun workout.

Boxing - This has been something I’ve been meaning to try for a while, so who knows maybe you’ll see me at the gym this Winter. This is a great way to tone muscle, get a full body workout, and learn a few useful skills along the way.

Trampoline - Even if you can’t find trampoline exercises classes near you, just heading to a trampoline park is sure to burn some calories. Check out my post for some moves you can try!

Swim - If you’re dying for summer, try joining your local sports club (YMCA) with an indoor swimming pool. Swimming laps is a great form of exercise and will definitely help get you out of your winter blues.

Barre - A new favorite of mine, barre classes are sure to kick some booty. These classes are great for strengthening and toning muscles and are so much fun.

Body Weight - If you’re more of the stay at home and workout kind of person, body weight exercises are for you! Using no equipment whatsoever, these types of exercises use your own weight as a resistance. And while this can mean pushups on pushups on pushups, it doesn’t have to. Try integrating some squats, or lunges, or calf raises, or arm holds, or wall sits. It may sound hard and painful but trust me it’s so worth it in the end!

So, these are some of my ideas for fun indoor workouts to try! Hopefully they will help you get out of your Winter Workout Rut and make you hit the gym/park/rink/studio/home. Share pictures of your Winter Workout for a chance to be featured on social media.



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