Why You Might Be Breaking Out

Acne sucks.

End of story.

You think that after your hormonal teenage years you’d be done with acne forever. Unfortunately that’s not always the case. One of the only things more frustrating than acne or breakouts is not knowing where they’re coming from. So today I have a short guide for you with some of the top reasons you may be experiencing the hell also known as acne. By figuring out why you’re breaking out, you’ll also be able to plan your skincare regime more carefully to avoid breakouts. 

  • Exercise - For those of you who want to avoid working out, just tell people you don’t want to breakout! While it’s not sweat that actually causes you to break out, it can mix with oils in your pores causing them to get clogged and for you to breakout. Also many athletic clothes are made with tight fitting fabrics, while these are super cute they can cause pores to get clogged. Wearing loose fit cotton is recommend but if you’re like me and can’t bear to part with your Lulu’s, just make sure to throw them in the wash after every wear and take a shower immediately after going to the gym. (Besides, it would be gross if you didn’t.) 
  • Stress - I am the last person who should be telling you how to stop being stressed, because I’m always stressed! But studies have shown that while stressed, you make more cortisol which can cause your oil glands to work over time and can eventually lead to breakouts. While it’s impossible to destress completely, spending a little time relaxing is a must. 
  • Flying - For all you jetsetters out there, this one’s for you. Changes in altitude and flying can cause your skin to dry out which causes your glands to produce extra oil, even after you’re back home. 
  • Your Cycle - A change in hormone levels can cause breakouts, which is why you’ve probably experienced some acne/breakouts right around when you get your period. (IK this one double sucks) 
  • Laundry - Breakouts can also be caused by dirt and oil that has been left on your pillow or sheets. Try washing your linens often to avoid this. Just make sure you’re not allergic to your detergent which can also cause breakouts. 
  • Dirty Brushes - Another reason to wash your makeup brushes, they may be breaking you out. Oils and dirt can cling to the bristles causing them to be transferred to your face every time you use the brush. Make sure to wash your brushes often to avoid this.

Ok! These are 6 of the most common things that may be causing you to break out. Hopefully knowing this can help you create a skincare regime to better target your breakouts! As always, leave me comments down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!



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