Underrated chef tips!

As many of you know I love cooking! I feel like a broken record because I say that so often, but its true! Over the years, I have collected various tips on ways to save time in the kitchen!
  1. Mise en place saves you a lot of time. “Mise en place” is the french way of saying “put into place”. This means before starting any recipe, gather all your ingredients and measure them out. Doing this ensures you have all the ingredients necessary and that you actually read the recipe ahead of time! I’m sure almost everyone has started a recipe and realized that you need to let it chill overnight or something like that! Mis en place is so important, and it’s something every single professional kitchen does!
  2. Add salt to boiling water just before you are going to add the pasta (or anything else). Salt causes temperature drop, so if you add the salt too early, the water will take much longer to boil.
  3. Add lemon to avocado and apples to stop them from oxidizing,
  4. Cook pasta for 1 minute less than the box says if you’re going to put it into a saucepan to make sure you get the perfect AL DENTE pasta every time!
  5. Add a carrot to your tomato sauce to add a little sweetness.

I hope this post helped you guys out! If you have any tips be sure to share them with us in the comments below or on twitter!

Shadow :)

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