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Hey guys! 
Welcome back. Today I thought I would share some products I regret purchasing. I have only done one of these in the past and you guys seemed to really enjoy it! 
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I feel like I’m obligated to include this disclaimer. I’m not bashing any of these brands! All of these brands have products I love but these just didn’t work for me. Also, please don’t get offended if these are your holy grail items. Most of them get a lot of hype on social media so they work for some, just not for me. With all of that said, let’s get started! 
The first product is a skin care product. The Boscia exfoliating peel gel was awful. At first, I really loved it. It is one of these exfoliators that lifts off your dead skin, and you can see it falling into the sink. Some may think that is gross, but I really like it! The reason I hated this so much was because the product stuck to my skin. The directions clearly say to apply with dry hands and face to stop the product from adhering to your skin. Both my hands and face were completely dry, but the product still stuck to my skin. If this were easily removed with a towel I’d be fine, but it’s not! Once the dead skin is stuck to your face it is stuck for a day. Idiot me tried to apply makeup on my face the day I used this and it hurt SO BAD. The pieces of skin and gel tug at your skin and it is not a pleasant feeling. I apologize for my repetitiveness and lack of good explanation but I’m seriously at a loss for words. I would just recommend not trying this, and if you’re really set on getting this try a sample first before spending $34 on this! 
Some say that the Garnier cleansing micellar water, or the simple micellar water are “dupes” for Bioderma, but I did not like either of these nearly as much as I liked the bioderma. The Garnier one left my face feeling oily which kind of defeats the purpose of the product. The purpose is to cleanse the skin while still leaving it feeling fresh and clean. When I used the Garnier, I felt it didn’t clean my skin well and it left my face all oily. For a while, the simple micellar water got a lot of hype in the online beauty community. I hated this because it didn’t take off ANY makeup. I mean it was fine for a quick cleanse in the morning, but I wouldn’t repurchase this because Bioderma does just as good of a job and also removes any makeup you have on. 
The Maybelline fit me concealer and powder were two misses for me. Starting out with the concealer, this was way too drying for me. I have very dry under eyes that look very peely, and creapy very easily. The color is nice, but, for me personally, it does not blend out well and after working with it for a little, the concealer starts balling up under my eyes. I applied this concealer with both a brush and a beauty blender and didn’t like the results of either. I have stopped using this for concealer and started using it for highlighting my nose and forehead instead. It does work better, but there are many more concealers that I love more so I regret buying this one! I bought the dewy and smooth powder (from Maybelline as well) and i’m just very confused. It is chock full of glitter. Maybelline, if your definition of dewy is glittery, I will be sending you a dictionary in the mail asap. The powder itself is buttery and smooth, but why would you ever put glitter in a face powder? I will not be trying out the other 2 types (matte and poreless, and the original) because I was so disappointed with this one. 
The last product I will mention is the Nivea men after shave balm. Nikki from Nikki tutorials raves about this primer and it is good. It really keeps your makeup on all day but I have an issue with it. I have super sensitive skin and even though I bought the sensitive balm, the scent gives me a reaction. My face gets super red and burns and then the next morning I have small bumps under my skin. I do think this primer is great but if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend it. 
Those were all my regrets! if you like these posts, I will continue writing them when I have enough unfavorites to mention. As always, let me know what products didn't work for you and why and I'll make sure to avoid those! 

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