New Poufs + White Bedding

It’s been a long time since I last discussed this whole room project. I was working on it a lot but then you know, life happens, things start to slip, more important things come up, and plans kind of get shoved to the back of your mind. But I FINALLY, decided to add two of the things I wanted most of all for my room; more seating and white bedding.

I HATE when people sit on my bed so I really wanted to find something for my room that people could sit on. The issue was that my room really just wasn’t big enough for a full couch/love seat/chair. So I was browsing online, like I always am, and I finally came across these poufs that I just fell in love with. I found these on World Market for only 99$ which is pretty affordable compared to some other brands. I am obsessed with the heather grey, sweater, texture of it. They look so cozy in my room and just make me want to curl up on them. They’re extremely comfy, much more like a chair than a beanbag which I love. I also love how light they are - they can be brought into another room if I ever need more seating somewhere else. I am so happy with these, they literally ended up being the perfect addition to my room and if anyone is looking for something similar, I completely recommend these!

The second thing I finally ended up doing was getting WHITE BEDDING! I am so excited about this you don’t even know. I think this really adds a sense of cleanliness to my room and also makes my space look a lot bigger. I don’t really know what else to say about this except that you should get white bedding. Like right now. It will change your life.

So, this was today’s update about what I’ve been doing for my room. I’m so happy I finally got back into working on redecorating and redoing my room! Share your thoughts down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!



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