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Along with my room, I have also been trying to redo/clean/organize my bathroom. This has always been a struggle for me because I never know how I want to organize or what kinds of things I need to do it. So today, I have a list of some of the organization tips that worked for me and hopefully they’ll be able to work for you!

  • Make a spot for your essentials. Whether it’s a drawer or a specific shelf, keep all your morning essentials together and all your night essentials together. This will help keep it organized and help you find things when you’re in a rush.
  • Get a small organizer for little things. Use these to corral things like hair ties, cotton rounds, or cotton swabs. This will keep them tidy but out of the way.
  • Unless you're a master folder, keep washcloths or towels folded but in a box or drawer.
  • Use a shower organizer. Maybe that hangs over the shower head or sit in the corner like shelves. This will help keep your shower floor from looking cluttered and will help clear up space.
  • Use the wall space. Consider a low cost peg board, magnetic board, or shelves to help store items.  
  • Pretty craft jars or mason jars make an adorable way to store toothbrushes or razors.
  • Try getting storage boxes with lids on them. This makes it easier for stacking them and it hides the clutter in them.
  • Use twist ties (from like bread bags or something) to keep cords from blow dries and curlers from getting out of control.
  • Consider getting drawer dividers. This is a super easy and inexpensive way to keep your lipstick away from eyeliner and your nail polish remover away from your hair ties.
  • Try a lazy susan in your drawers. This is a great way to keep all your products organized without having to knock them all over to get to something in the back.
  • Keep all your counters clean. As a last resort, make sure to clean off the tops of counters. Wipe them down and put everything on them away.

So these are some of my tips for helping to organize your bathroom. They’re easy and pretty inexpensive. Share pictures of your organized bathroom with us for a chance to be featured on social media!



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