Top 15 beauty products of 2015

Hey guys!
I can’t believe it’s almost the end of December! This month and year has really flown by!
Since we are almost done with the year, I thought I would share my 15 favorite beauty products of the year. I will also be posting a lifestyle favorites, but I thought I would start with my beauty favorites.
This year, I tried a ton of new products and I found some that I can’t live without. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get my drift.
  • Becca Champagne pop- This year, Becca and Jaclyn Hill collaborated and created a new highlighter. Champagne pop sold out in record time on sephora.com and has been a favorite for the past year. When Jaclyn created this shade, she wanted a highlighter that could be used on everyone from the lightest to darkest of skin tones. Since I’ve gotten this highlighter, I have not put it down. The formula is beautiful and the color is spot on. I highly recommend getting this while it is still available!
  • Josie Maran argan enlightenment illuminizing veil- On days that I don’t wear a lot of makeup, or don’t want my highlight to be seen from outer space, I opt for this josie maran illuminizing veil. I love how natural this looks while still giving your face an illuminated look. There is no shimmer in this product, so it looks super natural. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes a natural looking highlight or who has more mature skin.  
  • Urban decay revolution lip gloss in kinky- Casey (Casey Holmes) used this is a few videos and I fell in love! The color is that perfect on-trent brown-mauve color and the formula on these is so good. These glosses are pigmented so they can be worn alone, but they are also super glossy. These days, glossy glosses are harder to find because of the matte liquid lipstick craze, but I hate the feeling of matte lips so I stick to my glosses. For me, this color is a must have, but any color in the range is worth checking out!
  • NYX dark circle concealer in light- 2015 was the year of no sleep (for me at least) so color correcting concealers came in handy. This one from NYX is not only super affordable, but great quality. I have tried a few high end correctors, but this one has been my favorite. The formula is stiff, but not drying. It has just the right amount of creaminess to glide on your under eye area but won’t slide around or crease throughout the day. Usually, I will add a brightening concealer on top to make my face look more awake, but it definitely isn’t a necessity.  
  • Guerlain maxilash intense volumizing mascara- This mascara is hands down my favorite mascara of all times. Normally, I wouldn’t spend $30 on a mascara but I got a sample in one of my sephora orders and fell IN LOVE. The mascara separates, lengthens, volumizes and it doesn’t clump, flake or smudge throughout the day! I literally could not ask for anything else in a mascara (except for a lover price:)). If you have the money, this would be a great investment and I can promise you, you will love it!!!
  • Smith’s menthol and eucalyptus balm- This year I went on a search to find the best lip balms on the market! I tried super expensive ones, and much more affordable options. Earlier this year, I reviewed the Kaplan MD Perfect pout lip mask+lip balm duo, the Sarah Happ lip slip and lip scrub, The bite beatuy agave lip mask, and the fresh sugar lip treatment. Although I liked some of the more expensive ones, the smith’s menthol and eucalyptus balm definitely takes the cake. It is only $6 at sephora and it is a great balm. I use this about 6 times a day (because I’m obsessed with applying lip balm) and i have only gone through 2. The balm itself is thicker and super moisturizing. It smooths out my lips and makes them feel plump and great.
  • Mac fix+- This is honestly a must have for anyone who wears makeup. I love spritzing a little fix+ on a big dou fiber brush when dusting away excess powder from baking, refreshing my face throughout the day, or just setting my makeup. I really think this is worth the $20 because it feels so good on your face and is a little pick me up throughout the day.
  • Best damn face mask- I purchased this mask back in February when Nicole put these on pre-sale. This mask is great for anyone with combo/oily skin because it’s hydrating, but not too hydrating. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks super refreshed and hydrated.  
  • Boscia makeup breakup cool cleansing oil- If you wear makeup at all, this is the best makeup remover you will ever come across! It melts ALL your makeup and don’t leave any residue when you wash it off.
  • Josie Maran argan oil- This year, I have fallen in love with the Josie Maran argan oil. I use it both morning and night and it is super hydrating. Personally, I don’t mind the oily look because I have dry skin but you could always opt for the light version if you don’t like that feeling!
  • FAB anti-redness serum- If you get redness after washing your face, this serum is for you! It is super calming and moisturizing. Since I don’t use it every day, I get the small single use packs instead of the big bottle.
  • Bioderma-Bioderma was a lifesaver this year. I buy it off of beautylish.com because it is very hard to find here in the U.S.. This is a great makeup remover for lighter makeup days. I also used this to wash my face in the morning.
  • Phyto Phytodéfrisant Botanical Straightening Balm-If you have any frizz in your hair whatsoever, this product is for you. I put a small amount in my hair and then blow dry it dry and my hair looks much smoother! I am actually obsessed with this!
  • Body shop body butters- Best body moisturizer ever… literally have nothing else to say about it. I loveee the peach scent!
  • OPI don’t bossa nova me around- This is my favorite polish color of the year. It is my go to because it looks good with everything. Don’t bossa nova me around is neutral, but still gives some color to your nails if that makes any sense. If you want to see a picture of it on go check out our instagram @shadowandgloss_!
So those were my top 15 of 2015! I absolutely LOVE all these products and will continue using them into 2016. Let me know what your favorite products of 2015 were and I’ll be sure to check them out!!
I hope you guys had an awesome 2015 but that 2016 will be even better!!

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