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A few months ago, I watched one of Elle fowler’s glitterature about The Heir by Kiera Cass and I was really intrigued by the series! I bought the whole series and no joke, it took me four days to finish the four books. I was hooked, and I couldn’t stop.
The books are about Prince Maxon’s journey to find his future queen. The book isn’t from Maxon’s point of view, but from America’s, one of the selected. The Prince and each possible queen go through a series of events and encounter many challenges along the way. The reason I love these books as much as I do is because one feels connected to the character. With the amount of detail given, it is easy to place yourself in America’s shoes. Throughout the first three books, you feel like America’s best friend. You read everything she is going through and all her thoughts as she goes through the journey of being one of the selected.
The fourth book is told by Maxon and _____’s daughter (i don’t want to give anything away!). Although at first I didn’t find Eadlyn a pleasant character, I grew to love her as much as I loved Maxon, American and all the other character in the first three books. Eadlyn is definitely not as relatable as America, but there is character development and
I highly recommend these books to anyone who wants a fun reading! Kiera Cass is coming out with the fifth, and final, book to this series in 2016 and I cannot wait to read it! I have also read that warner brother’s bought the copyrights to this book and hopefully they will create a bomb movie in the near future! (Click here for the article about the possible movie).
Please let me know if you have read and enjoyed these books so we can start a “book chat” in the comments below! and also let me know of any other books you have been loving that I have to check out!
Thanks for reading!
Shadow :)

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